Although originally released mid-2019, Rob Letterman’s ‘Pokémon: Detective Pikachu’ has become one of Sky’s newest additions to NOWTV, allowing us to all watch it from the comfort of our own homes.

Set in a world where humans and Pokémon live and work side by side, a new evil is wreaking havoc in the colourful Ryme City.

After the mysterious disappearance of his father Harry, Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) must work with a highly intelligent talking Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) and a determined journalist (Kathryn Newton) to solve this mystery and understand its links to a suspicious chemical causing Pokémon to go wild.

Based in a fictional, Japanese-style city, the setting is full of vibrant neons.

This film is a live-action/CGI hybrid which manages to immerse the CGI characters perfectly into their surroundings. Each Pokémon is unique and impeccably designed with Pikachu being especially well-rendered.

Reynolds also succeeded in incorporating a witty sense of humour into Pikachu while still keeping the adorable visuals that we know and love.

The only negative aspect would be the simplistic and predictable plot. However, sometimes a simple storyline is just what a film needs: and this is one of these times.

Whether you are a Pokémon lover or not, this movie is a great watch. It is funny, exciting and wholesome with enjoyable aspects for viewers of all ages.