The mum of a kind-hearted Ellesmere boy who gave half of his birthday cake to a local nursing home has praised his gesture.

Freddie Devismes celebrated his seventh birthday last Saturday with a huge football-themed cake baked by mum Alison for the family.

But with plenty left, Freddie did not want it to go to waste and mum had the perfect destination for it at Ellesmere House, in Church Hill, leaving all parties delighted with such a thoughtful gesture.

“It was Freddie’s idea to donate the cake because it was far too big,”said Alison.

“I did a football design because he is football mad but it was so big that we had to give some away.

“I thought of giving it top the care home as I used to be a carer and I thought of someone in the community who would appreciate it.

“I had to ring up the care home to see if we were able to take the cake up to them and once they said that we could, I jumped in the car with Freddie and took it up there.

“We handed it over to the nurse who greeted us.

“We didn’t want to make a fuss but I went into a shop straight after and someone said well done because they had seen it on the Ellesmere Community News page.

"His teacher put up on Facebook about how proud of him she was – I have always taught my kids to be kind and to be aware of what we have."

Freddie added: "Even my teacher saw it on there and liked it.

"I was more than proud I could donate the cake and I was delighted for them."

Siobhan O'Neill, deputy manager at Ellesmere House, received the cake and thanked Freddie for his donation as well as a letter he wrote for them all.

She said: "We would like to say a huge thank you to a little star name named Freddie.

"He very kindly shared his huge and very delicious birthday cake with the residents and staff here, along with a lovely thoughtful letter.

"The staff and residents were very overwhelmed and a few tears were shed at the lovely kindness shown by him and his mum Ali.

"Thank you very much, happy birthday Freddie.

"I'm sure you'll have a great birthday party after lockdown."