The National Sheep Association (NSA) is calling for the public to observe the lockdown rules more closely and points out the very real possibility of tighter regulations if not.

NSA chief executive Phil Stocker says he appreciates the lockdown is difficult for people but that they should remember where they are walking.

He said: "We mustn’t forget that the fields we’re walking across are where our food is produced, and by being there we put the people producing our food at risk.”

"By travelling to farms you are risking passing on this dangerous virus to a food producing farmer, and that is simply not acceptable.

"We all know the rules – and simply put, travelling to walk somewhere a car drive away from your home is not necessary.

"We implore the British public to obey these rules and respect other people’s homes and lives – particularly as we approach the Easter weekend.”

The NSA is concerned about viral transmissions on gates, fences and other surfaces.

Mr Stocker added: “These risks are very real and if people continue to flout the rules, we have no doubt the government will be prepared to step things up to protect lives.”