THE Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for West Mercia, John Campion, is calling on parents to be wary of online dangers.

With the national lockdown in place, children and young people are likely to spend time on the Internet, which increases the likelihood of them coming across inappropriate content, being exposed to abuse or scams.

An increased use of social media, in order to keep in touch with their friends or keep up-to-date with the latest trends, may expose them to those looking to exploit young people.

Get Safe Online, which is supported by the PCC, features key information for parents to ensure children and young people's safety is a priority when it comes to internet and social media use.

It covers subjects such as gaming, sexting, cyber-bullying and privacy, things Mr Campion thinks parents should be aware of.

"Some parents may be feeling much more relaxed knowing that their children are at home," said Mr Campion. "However it's important that we don't forget that with that comes other risks.

"There are many things we can be doing in order to protect our young people, such as putting parental controls or restrictions in place.

"But it's also so important to talk and ask the questions around what they're doing and who they are speaking with.

"Cyber criminals are exploiting the crisis, so I would encourage all parents to be vigilant.

"If you are concerned about something your child has found, or have become involved in, then please report it to the police."