AN accountant from Llanfechain has warned government measures to stop business going bust due to COVID-19 do not go far enough and lots of clients he has spoken to are finding they miss out on the schemes.

Rob Ellis, pictured, the managing partner of Welch and Ellis who is usually based in Willow Street, Oswestry, but is currently working from home, says while he welcomes the content and speed of the government announcements, as he looks into support for his clients, he is finding lots of them cannot access the support they need.

Rob said: “When Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the first of these measures to support business he said the government wanted to ensure that no company will be lost due to COVID-19.

"But what we are finding is that some of the support doesn’t help all the firms that need it and a lot of individuals and businesses may fall between the cracks of the financial safety net which is currently on offer."

While measures have been announced to help both employed and self-employed people, Rob says the reality is showing things are still going to be tough for a lot of people and they may need to make other changes in order to continue to trade.

Key areas to look at, according to Rob:

Only about one per cent of businesses will be able to get a Business Interruption Loan, but there are other options;

Grants are only available to businesses who pay business rates, so home-based businesses, which are now the norm due to COVID-19, will miss out;

There is no help for staff whose firms choose to give them unpaid leave rather than furloughing them;

Commission and bonuses are not included in a person’s salary;

No help is available for people who were out of work on February 28, even if employed the day before and after;

No help available for self-employed who started self-employment after April 6, 2019 or those who started last year but made a loss or the income was less than 50 per cent of total income;

No specific support for job changers whose old employer will not furlough them even though they were in employment on February 28;

Limited company directors get only 80 per cent of their regular salary, nothing else

No support for self-employed people with profits over £50,000.

Rob is urging local businesses to make sure they know about all the schemes that are available and reminding people there are others solutions that may help them.

Rob said: “At times like this it is vital that local businesses stick together and help each other – so if anyone has any concerns then I am always happy to offer advice to anybody who needs it.

“It isn’t about whether you are a client or not, it is about as many local businesses as possible coming together to help each other to that money stays in the area and everyone comes out of this situation in a strong a position as possible when things eventually go back to normal.”