A MARTIAL artist from Oswestry recently received a prestigious award for his service to the sport of judo.

Geoff Moore was recognised for his outstanding contribution to developing Judo Kata in the UK at the British Judo Association annual dinner and awards evening in Nottingham.

The 61-year-old was also recognised for his technical ability in the sport, and earlier this year handed out medals at the British Kata Championships, where there was a trophy named after him.

After 45 years of training, Geoff is a fifth Dan black belt, which is the highest competitive grade in the sport.

Geoff, who has been a combat sport coach for many years holding black belts in Japanese Jujitsu, Kickboxing and Japanese Sword, attributes a lot of his successes in life to the sport.

He said: “When Jigaro Kano created Judo, in 1889, he summed up the practice using the maxim ‘Maximum efficiency, minimum effort and mutual benefit’ – a motto I have always found to be an excellent guide for life.”