The mayor of Oswestry has issued his thanks for the kindness of smaller grocery shops for helping people keep going during the COVID-19-enforced lockdown.

Councillor John Price, who is nearing the end of a successful year as mayor, made the call after the town continues to be in lockdown because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Cllr Price was full of praise for what he has seen so far, with many residents helping their neighbours or stores offering deliveries to help older customers.

But he urged shop and garage owners to share that sentiment, having previously stated that people in Oswestry will need to show kindness to one another during a period that will see goods become unavailable or priced at a premium.

"I've said before that I hope people don't get complacent," said Cllr Price.

"These are testing times with the virus and the situation we are in.

"But we are applauding the show workers who have stayed open, or the garage workers who allow people to buy what they need or to keep them on the road to get to work as places like the NHS.

"I applaud the kindness they have shown to people by working in the shops, and I thank them for their fairness too.

"And I continue to thank them for not profiteering in this catastrophic situation."

Meanwhile, Shropshire Council has confirmed that residents with concerns of being overcharged on vital goods, such as toilet rolls, paracetamol and handwash, can report it to the authorities.

A spokesman said: "Shropshire’s Trading Standards Service supports the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in preventing businesses and individuals from making misleading claims or charging vastly inflated prices during the coronavirus outbreak.

"Concerns can be reported to the CMA or to the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133."

Currently, the government is not regulating pricing but CMA Chairman Lord Andrew Tyrie said it is something that is being monitored.