The owner of a corner shop in Oswestry is supporting her loyal customers with a delivery service of the Oswestry and Border Counties Advertizer during the coronavirus outbreak.

Tina Evans, who runs the corner shop in York Street, is offering free delivery of the paper for customers who spend more than £5.

Tina, who has run the store for more than 50 years after moving there with her mum in 1969, said it expands on the existing delivery service.

She explained: “It’s quite scary circumstances at the moment, but I just like to try and help, if I can help people that is all I want to do because none of us know what is around the corner and if it’s to people who can’t get out then I think the kindest thing to do is to take the shopping to them.

“We always run a delivery service anyway, it’s not anything new, it’s just the fact that there are so many people now who don’t want to go out so that’s how we thought we would carry it on.

“I just hope that when it is all over people remember how helpful we have been.”

Tina said more people have signed up to the scheme since the outbreak and that they are grateful for the service.

She continued: “It’s terrifying. When you think that the Prime Minister and Prince Charles has caught it then you realise it’s not discriminating.”

Tina said they are keeping well stocked in the shop – bar pasta and paracetamol – and are taking precautions to make sure that areas are wiped down and their hands are clean.

She also thanked Andrew Faulks and Stans in St Martins for their support over the last few weeks, adding: “We are really grateful to them and they have been a big help.”

Advertizer editor, Emily Lloyd, added: “I would like to thank Tina for her support in offering a delivery service to ensure the Advertizer is still reaching the doors of readers during this time of uncertainty.

“It is more important than ever to make sure people are kept aware of what is happening in their communities and we will continue to bring the news to our readers in print and online.

“Anyone who would like to offer a delivery service of the Advertizer can get in touch with us by calling 01691 655321.”