When Disney Plus launched in the United States last year, there was much disappointment in the UK that they were not able to view the much-awaited The Mandalorian.

Now, that meant a bit of internet jiggery-pokery, which we don’t obviously approve of here at the Tizer, was needed for people in the UK to catch the series and soon meant that the big secret was out.

So much so that in its advertising for Disney Plus in this country this week, there was no hiding ‘Baby Yoda’ (note the commas around both words and not Yoda) and the secret star of the show is a secret no more.

As for the show, even the most hardened of nerds would have a tear from a glass eye. With storylines to keep the new fans entertained, the show is packed full of references and Easter eggs, with episode one showing us a roasted Kowakian monkey-lizard for Salacious Crumb.

The series, set after Return of the Jedi, evokes much of A New Hope, complete with a trip to Tatooine and even the scene of ‘Han Shot First’ (if you know, you know).

Once you’re past ‘remember that’ you are invested in the characters’ fate, given a score that invokes John Williams and the Wild West, and will fall in love with ‘Baby Yoda’.

The Mandalorian is Star Wars – I think there is no higher praise I can give it than that.