An OSWESTRY businessman has downed tools and returned to work for the NHS amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Ed Morgan, who owns carpet cleaning business Carpet King, has put his business on hold so he can help the service in its time of need.

He was previously an ambulance worker, and went on to work for ShropDoc before he was made redundant.

Ed did not hesitate to help ambulance and hospital staff when he got the call last Wednesday, and felt as though it was his responsibility to do his bit.

“I had a phone call from the NHS saying it is pretty much in dire needs,” he said. “And they asked if I could go back to help.

“I just took it that they needed help, so I’ve gone back to offer any help I can. I did my first shift with them on Sunday.

“I have a carpet cleaning business, but I’ve put that on hold for now.

“The health service is in dire straits, and it’s going to get worse. If I can go back and help 100 people then I’ll feel very happy.

“I feel like I have to do something to help. I think when you work for the NHS, you have a need to help out.

“It’s just one of the things you do. It’s what I was brought up doing so it’s nothing different.

“I know ShropDoc and places like that might be struggling because any staff with existing conditions will have to go off and self-isolate.

“I just felt like I needed to do it ultimately.”

After having past experience working with staff at the NHS, Ed is full of praise for the work they do, especially under such difficult circumstances.

He said: “The staff there are absolutely amazing, they’re working around the clock doing a fantastic job.

“Until you work there, I don’t think you quite realise how much they actually do, they’re out of this world.

“It’s not just the NHS staff, it’s retail workers and other key workers – it’s been amazing to see everyone in the community pulling together.

“It’s needed now more than ever. It’s brought the community together, I’ve noticed that in Oswestry as well as other places.”

Ed announced on Facebook that his business would be put on hold while he returned to the NHS, and as a result, received more than 80 comments of support for his decision.