NEW road restrictions could soon be in force in Oswestry to bring an end to uncertainty over its part-pedestrianised town centre zone.

Shropshire Council is planning to impose new traffic orders affecting the Bailey Head, Bailey Street and New Street area.

The new restrictions set out when vehicles are permitted to drive on the roads, as well as load, unload, and wait. It is also proposed that some of the restrictions apply to Sundays, which they do not currently.

A council statement said: “These changes are being proposed in the interests of highway safety.

“They will improve pedestrian amenity and the regulation of traffic on Bailey Street and its adjoining roads.”

While the proposed regulations are not significantly different from the current arrangements, it is hoped the new traffic orders will put an end to motorists unknowingly using the roads during the restricted times.

Councillor John Price, mayor of Oswestry, said: “I would encourage businesses, residents and market traders to take part in this consultation.

“The town council supports the review of traffic orders in Oswestry to make sure that they are relevant and fit for purpose.

“It is important that everyone, pedestrians and drivers, is clear what the rules are – at the moment they are not and there are issues with cars travelling up, down and across Bailey Street when they clearly shouldn’t be.

“The town council will formally respond to the consultation.”

The consultation is open on Shropshire Council’s website until April 15.