The chairman of Chirk Town Council has commended the community in the town for its work to help those in need during a difficult time.

With the coronavirus outbreak restricting some people to their homes, Councillor Brian Colley has been overwhelmed by the generosity of the town’s residents and businesses who have been helping out the elderly and vulnerable wherever possible.

Some businesses have been setting up delivery services to ensure those who are self-isolating do not go without, while residents have been visiting shops for neighbours and those in need.

Cllr Colley believes the community spirit in Chirk has always been strong, and that it has been highlighted over the past few weeks.

He said: “[As a council] we’re continually monitoring the advice put out by the government, and we’re advising the community in relation to the current situation.

“We’re mindful of people self-isolating in the town and, in line with that, the support that the community is able to give to those.

“That’s been encouraging, to see so many people and businesses in Chirk, coming together and supporting each other.

“There have been takeaway food services and similar things to support older people in the area, and as a council we are very encouraged by that.

“Chirk has always had a strong community feel about it – the community spirit is very good here.

“That’s noticeable even more so when you look at the response we have been getting under the current circumstances.

“Caffi Wylfa is an example of that – they had to cancel the lunch club event last week, but they delivered 17 takeaway meals for people who would have attended the event.”

“We know that this is going on throughout the community with several groups and organisations doing their bit which is great.”

Cllr Colley also praised the work of the town’s community agent, Yvie Bernett, who has been helping residents who need support.

He added: “Our community agent has been in touch with the vulnerable people within the community, and has been providing as much help and advice as she possibly can.

“We’ve always known the role of a community agent is important, but it is highlighted even more so in times like these.

“It’s hugely important and it makes a massive difference to people here.”

Meanwhile, Cllr Gareth Baines has urged people to fill in a form if they need support. Please email or call 07553922276. Printable versions of the form can be found here