A CATTERY owner from Selattyn is offering advice to cat owners despite fears her business may close amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Samantha Davis, who owns Gyrn Cottage Cattery, has said she has lost nearly 75 per cent of her income for March after coronavirus hit the country.

The business owner fears that it will only get worse, with many clients cancelling and the added stress of living with her 78-year-old father.

“A few of my customers have offered to pay a cancellation fee which is gratefully received, but if this carries on for many months I won’t be able to pay the mortgage or my bills,” said Samantha, who has more than 30 years’ experience working with both domestic and wild animals.

“I also live with my father, and as I am self-employed I don’t get sick pay. Things will be very difficult if my father has to self-isolate for four months.”

Despite her worries, Samantha is still offering to help to any pet owners that may need it.

“I expect a lot of boarding animal businesses are in the same situation,” she added.

“I will stay open as I have a few cats staying with me at the moment and a few bookings that haven’t cancelled as yet, and I will try to help anyone who needs help with looking after their cats.”

“I expect there are a lot of people out there who are worried not only about themselves but also their pets.

“A good piece of advice for anyone living alone would be to keep any cat documents in the cat carrier along with a list of contact numbers and some information about the cat – name, age, vet, what the cat eats, any medical issues, temperament etc.

“I have in the past suggested that people leave a note somewhere prominent saying “In an Emergency please contact Sam at the Cattery and she will look after my cat(s)” along with a phone number of course and also saying where the cat carrier is located.

“This has worked very well in the past with less stress for the owner and the cat.

“This will give the owner peace of mind that should anything happen their beloved companion will be taken care of.”

In light of the current situation, Samantha has also set up Shropshire Cat Network, which offers cat owners some advice and peace of mind, as well as giving anyone who is able to help the chance to do so.

She added: “I firmly believe that if we can put procedures in place now to help people and their cats then the future impacts of this unprecedented crisis can be lessened or even averted.

“It is your website. It is a place where someone who needs help can ask for help and those that can help will offer to help.”

Visit www.shropshirecatnetwork.co.uk for more information.