The owner of a butchers in Chirk has encouraged people to make the most of stocked up businesses in the town as coronavirus continues to spread.

Jamie Ward, who owns the butchers in Church Street, has encouraged people in the town to support local businesses and make the most of the stock available on their doorstep under the current circumstances.

He believes that keeping the local economy going during this difficult time can help to ensure people are not left without essential goods including food.

Although he believes the food industry is currently being kept busy, he believes it is important for town’s to support all types of local businesses.

He said: “We have been really busy as of late with people stocking their freezers, but we’ve been encouraging people to just have what they need for now and we’ll keep our supply chain going.

“I hope that, if any good can come out of this, people realise that shopping locally, actually, is good, and that keeping the local economy going isn’t a bad way to go.

“I’ve noticed in Chirk people are talking about shelves being empty at supermarkets, but if you go into shops in Chirk like the fruit and veg shop, he’s had stock every day, no empty shelves, as have we, and I think people need to know that.

“If I could get any message out to the people, it would be to try their best to help keep local supply chains open.

“It’s more important now than ever really.”

He also believes the government has a vital role to play in helping independent businesses during, and in the aftermath of, the current virus outbreak.

The Welsh Government pledged £1.4 billion to support Welsh businesses during the crisis on Friday.

Jamie hopes the assistance from the government is continued once the pandemic has surpassed.

“Small businesses are obviously going to be struggling,” he said.

“Fortunately, for us in the food industry, as long as we’re continuing to trade, then hopefully, we like to think, we can be an asset to the community.

“Our supply chain is so local, so there’s not really any reason why we shouldn’t still be able to provide local people with local meat, even in the virus situation.

“Having said that, there are a lot of businesses and a lot of people out there who might not be working, and any help the government can give them is going to be needed, because we can all see the fallout from this is going to be huge.

“Help in the short-term is great, because it will help us all through this, but then there’s also going to be a need for help in the longer term.”

To help those in need in the community, Jamie has set up a pick-up and delivery service for those self-isolating.

He added: “We’re offering an order and collect service, whereby you order and pay on the phone, then drive to the shop and we can load everything into the boot of the car for you, so you can stay in the car and don’t even have to wind the window down.

“If you’re self-isolating and can’t get out, we will take the order and payment over the phone, home deliver and leave the order on the doorstep for you.”