Oswestry mayor, Councillor John Price, spent some time at the new Public Living Room area at the town’s library on Thursday.

The space, which has been put together to encourage social interaction at the library, is set to remain in the library until Friday, March 27.

Cllr Price spent an hour in the space, talking to visitors at the library. He hopes people will continue to use the space and enjoy the company of others.

“This is very important to me,” he said.

“It’s almost like a welcoming point for people who come here and it allows them to bridge any sort of gap they might be feeling in their lives by meeting other people and taking a moment here.

“It’s a very informal thing. It’s almost like what I’ve been practicing on a bus for years – talking to people.

“It’s just nice that this sort of thing can happen and give people a nice bit of social time and perhaps a break from being by themselves.

“I think people should use this space and feel comfortable here."

“Libraries are not just about books anymore, they’re a social point, and I love that they are re-inventing themselves in that way.”