Montgomeryshire MP Craig Williams, a passionate supporter of the restoration of the Montgomery Canal, has become a vice-president of the Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust.

Mr Williams, elected at December’s General Election, will join the Trust alongside predecessor Glyn Davies.

“I am truly delighted to become a vice president of Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust,” said Mr Williams. “I pay tribute to all the work that has been done by this organisation to restore the Montgomery Canal, which is something that I am passionate about.

“I shall do everything I can in Parliament to help reopen the canal to Newtown.”

Michael Limbrey, Trust chairman, said: “Our local MPs, for Montgomeryshire and North Shropshire, have all supported the restoration of the Montgomery Canal and it has been customary for them to become vice-presidents of the Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust.

“We met Craig recently with local Welsh Assembly Member Russell George, to discuss the opportunities for funding further restoration.

“We told them of all the planning that is under way to reconnect the Shropshire section of the canal, and pointed out how the canal is a cross-border project and can bring benefits to the whole corridor.

“I was delighted to hear that, within a few days of our meeting, Craig had spoken about this to several Whitehall departments.”