A RESIDENT in the Ceiriog Valley has branded roads in the area as ‘dangerous’ after potholes ripped open her car tyre.

Sophie Cocking has re-iterated comments made by Wrexham County Borough councillor for the Ceiriog Valley, Trevor Bates, who said the roads in some areas are in a state of disrepair.

During her commute to work last month, Sophie drove from her home near Glyn Ceiriog towards Chirk along her usual route to work, but was forced to stop soon after setting off after she found it difficult to control the car.

After her tyre warning light came on, Sophie stepped out of the car to check for any problems, and found her front tyre had been ripped through.

She now believes enough is enough and immediate action is needed to fix the state of some of the region’s worst-affected roads.

“Trevor is not incorrect about the condition of the roads they are not just getting worse they are becoming outright dangerous,” she said.

“I reported my concerns all throughout summer to Wrexham Council for them to basically put some gravel in the holes which has obviously washed away.

“I know I am not alone in saying that I would quite happily drive half-hour out of my way to commute for the road to be closed for repairs.

“It also seems pointless reporting them online as no one ever responds which is a real shame and I understand that resources are limited, but the Valley roads are shambolic.”

Sophie said she was travelling between 20mph and 30mph when the tyre was damaged, and said it was a frightening experience.

She has also questioned what will have to happen to before the need for repairs on the roads is realised.

“I lost control of my car and had to pull over as smoke was pouring out my front tyre,” Sophie added.

“I subsequently missed a work appointment and am now down £73 for something that is essentially not my fault. I would not complain if I drove inappropriately or sped, but I simply don’t.

“Trevor has been very proactive to my concerns, but apparently there are more important roads. I couldn’t believe what happened to me, it was quite a scary experience.

“I’m glad it happened to me and not some family on the way out for the day, but it begs belief that if this can happen to me on what is considered not an important road, what actually has to happen for something to be done about it and it be a priority.”

Darren Williams, head of service for environment, said: “We have noted previously that we are maintaining an ageing road network, but do not have the funds to carry out full planned repairs on large parts of that network.

“All roads are inspected in accordance with our adopted Highway Safety Inspection Policy, and defects which meet the defined criteria are recorded and programmed for repair.

“Anyone who wishes to a report a pothole may do so via our website, at www.wrexham.gov.uk/english/online/eforms/pothole.htm – residents can now track the progress of their reports if they report issues online.

“If they are not satisfied that their report has been dealt with appropriately they should email contactus@wrexham.gov.uk or telephone 01978 298989 with the report details and the matter can then be looked into further.”