An OSWESTRY bar has confirmed it will be changing its name after a potential trademark infringement.

The cocktail bar, previously known as Bar Incognito, located in Cross Street, will be changing its name to Knock & Snitch after receiving legal advice.

After opening in 2018, the bar had been trading under its initial name, but received a letter from a solicitor in October of last year, notifying owners Graeme Kirkham and Tawanda Melusi of the potential infringement.

The pair have announced in a recent statement that the name will be changed, but the business will remain the same.

In a statement, Mr Kirkham said: “Hopefully by now our customers will know we don’t try to take ourselves too seriously, but sometimes in business you have to.

“When opening Incognito back in December 2018, we had lots of different ideas for the trading name but it was the idea of a good friend, after talking him through the concept of the bar which got the nod and the team then brought it to life.

“In October 2019 we received a solicitor’s letter informing us of a potential trademark infringement of which we disputed.

“After seeking legal advice, taking in to consideration legal costs and the trademark owners very good brand reputation, we have decided to re-brand the bar’s trading name to avoid any potential confusion with the mark.”

Mr Kirkham added that he fully believes there has been no wrongdoing by those involved in the running of the bar, and insists the decision has been made out of respect.

“We retain that there has been no wrongdoing on our part,” he explained.

“We respect the trademark owner’s point of view and goodwill.”

He also gave thanks to the bar’s customers for their continued support.

“Thank you to all customers for your continued support, we will continue to provide you with the service and entertainment expected,” he said.

“We look forward to the beginning of March where we will start our next journey as ‘Knock & Snitch’. We are not going anywhere.

“We would also like to thank GHP Legal for all of their support and advice on this. They have been superb throughout the whole process.”