A GROUP which was set up to protect one of the most iconic sights in Shropshire and Powys have announced their next steps after a public meeting.

'Save Rodney's Pillar' was created to save a monument dedicated to Admiral Sir George Rodney, which sits atop Breidden Hill in Powys and was built in 1782.

Admiral Rodney was known for his exploits in the American War of Independence but the structure is in danger of collapsing, with an open meeting held at Llandrinio Village Hall earlier in February.

The group has taken to Facebook to explain where help going forward in raising the £160,000 they think will be needed to secure the 238-year-old monument.

A spokesman said: "The main emphasis of the meeting was to encourage people to volunteer their time, skills and knowledge to further the aims of the charity.

"Since the meeting we have set up separate email addresses for the main areas where we need support; each group will be headed by one or more of the trustees.

"For marketing and Social Media, including raising general awareness of the charity, publicising/promoting charity events and publishing charity news updates, via all possible media, will be headed by Steve Williams.

"All offers of help should be sent to marketing@saverodneyspillar.org.uk

"Fundraising will include everything apart from grant applications and will be headed by Heather Hobman with offers of help sent to fundraising@saverodneyspillar.org.uk while Richard Hambleton will be covering technical work at technical@saverodneyspillar.org.uk

"Grant applications including sourcing potential grant funding and putting together application documents and will be headed by Bill Lee, David Roberts and Richard at grants@saverodneyspillar.org.uk

"Liaison with statutory bodies including contact with organisations such as Powys and Shropshire councils, will be headed by David, Bill and Richard and all offers of help should be sent to statutory@saverodneyspillar.org.uk"

Anyone wishing to lend support to Save Rodney's Pillar can head to their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SaveRodneysPillar/ to find out more information, or can email any of the addresses above to give their support.