THERE was Wild West-themed fun at an Oswestry church over half-term for children spending their week off school.

More than 80 children attended the fun days at Holy Trinity Church, in Roft Street, organised by volunteers.

Fun Bible-themed games were organised, and children enjoyed sing-along activities and snacks.

Youth and families minister, Mark Addison, helped with the running of the events, and was impressed to see they were so well-attended.

"It's not only a case of giving the children something to do during the school holidays, but also a chance to open up the church to the community," he said.

"We have around 80 volunteers in total, with 50 of those being 11 to 18-year-olds.

"Those guys could be at home revising or taking it easy on their week off, but they're here helping out which is just fantastic.

"We have been really pleased to see it so well supported, with more than 80 children attending the events – especially in this day and age where a lot of people don't really come to church or might not know much about the Christian faith."

Mark believes it is a good way to inform younger children about the Christian faith.

He added: "We're really grateful to all the volunteers, both adults and the younger ones.

"We're thinking about a book in the Bible called Mark, but the fun side to it is a wild west theme and looking at Jesus being the big boss in town.

"It's a more fun and engaging way to get the young children involved and helping them to learn a bit more about the Christian message.

"It's been every morning across half-term, and some children have decided to come for two or three days, and others for all five days."