A SURVEY among staff at Gobowen’s Orthopaedic Hospital has returned some of the best results among NHS hospitals across the country.

The results of the NHS Staff Survey 2019 were published on Tuesday, with staff at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt (RJAH) Orthopaedic Hospital endorsing the care provided at their own organisation.

In total, 94.8 per cent of RJAH staff completing the survey said they would be happy with the standard of care provided by their organisation if a friend or relative needed treatment there.

The score has improved year-on-year since 2016, and is once again the highest of all the 300-plus NHS organisations taking part in the survey for the third consecutive year.

On top of that, 77 per cent of staff who participated recommended the hospital as a place to work – a score that ranks it among the top 10 trusts in the country.

Chief executive of the Gobowen-based hospital, Mark Brandreth, insists he feels lucky to work with, what he believes to be, the best staff in the NHS.

He said: “These survey results make for very pleasing reading for everyone connected with RJAH. I always say I am lucky to work with the best staff in the NHS, and that really comes across when you look at these findings.

“I was delighted to see so many of our people completing the survey this year. The more feedback you can get, the more confidence you can have in what you hear back.

“Last year we were proud to say that we received one of the very best Staff Survey reports in the whole country. It was always going to be challenging to maintain and build on such high standards, but I think we have been able to do just that.”

The NHS Staff Survey is an annual exercise, which gives the largest and most detailed insight into the morale of the NHS workforce as a whole.

Findings are grouped into a selection of 10 key themes, with RJAH having been found to have made ‘statistically significant’ improvements in two of these areas – bullying & harassment and violence – while maintaining their already high standards in the other eight.

Leaders are now analysing the data to learn how they can make further improvements over the next 12 months.

“We will never rest on our laurels, and the staff survey is one of the key tools we use in helping us identify the areas we can improve,” Mark added.

“While we are pleased with the progress we have made on tackling bullying and harassment, we know this is an area of concern for the NHS as a whole, and it will certainly be a focus for us in the next 12 months to ensure that RJAH is a truly world class place to work for all our people.”

The full staff survey report can be found online at www.nhsstaffsurveys.com