Lancashire/Cheshire Division Two

Oswestry 3

Vagabonds (Isle of Man) 14

Playing at an alternative venue, Oswestry faced Isle of Man side Vagabonds (I.o.M) but could not make ground on the two sides above them in the league.

With Storm Dennis affecting most sporting events in the area, the fixture had to be played according to the RFU, providing they were allowed to fly.

Vagabonds were allowed to fly and the nearest venue available was the artificial pitch at Chester RFU.

Oswestry were granted a 4pm slot to play and with a number of supporters travelling and braving the dreadful weather to support the Eagles.

The first half advantage went to Vagabonds who used the advantage of the wind by kicking up the field often.

Oswestry were under immediate pressure and after five minutes, the visitors managed to score and convert a try to take a seven-point lead.

From the subsequent restart, Oswestry had to deal with all the pressure and in the main stood up well in defence, but Ryan De La Harpe, playing number nine for Vagabonds, was controlling the game.

De La Harpe went on a strong run and played the ball to a team-mate who scored the side’s second try of the day, which was once again converted.

After struggling early in the game, Oswestry eventually managed to make some ground and win a penalty, which was kicked through the posts by Matthew Bithell to make it 14-3.

After suitable advice at half-time, Oswestry received the kick from Vagabonds and tried to make the wind play the extra advantage.

Unfortunately, they could not make as much ground as the visitors and resorted to the pack forwards, in particular Scott Smith, charging through.

Oswestry overall put a better performance in the second half and the whole team put in huge efforts, but they could not cross the try line.

In the final 10 minutes, Oswestry were awarded a handful of penalties, but they were unable to gain any points with them.

On Saturday, Oswestry first team are away at Old Bedians as they look to chase Vagabonds and Port Sunlight above them.