A post-apocalyptic drama filmed in and around Oswestry is set to be screened at the town's independent cinema tonight (Wednesday).

Kinokulture will be hosting a special screening of The End of All Things, this evening from 7.30pm including a question and answer session with the director.

Written by Oswestry-based Adam Howes and directed by Llangollen-based Andrew Gale, both of who also produced the movie, The End of All Things follows a group of survivors 20 years after a nuclear event decimated the world's population, as they are forced to choose between blind hope and survival.

The filmmakers spent several weeks shooting the feature on location in Llangollen and Shropshire.

The film has already had a release on Amazon Prime in North America, and will be released in Scandinavia early in 2020, with a full UK release to be announced soon.

However, since Oswestry has been such an integral part of the film’s journey, the producers wanted to give local moviegoers a chance to see the feature before anyone else, and were lucky enough that Kinokulture offered them the perfect venue to do just that.

Ruth Carter, from Kinokulture, said: "With numerous remote and undisturbed locations available on their doorstep, Shropshire offered the perfect backdrop for a story that turned out to be extremely prescient as production went on.

"Using a predominantly local crew alongside professional actors based in the area, the producers believe the film will help showcase both the natural beauty and the wealth of talent that can be found on the Shropshire/North Wales border."

Adam has previously spoken to the Advertizer about the project, saying: "I'm proud that we've used here and can show it off.

"We wanted to make the film here because it helped keep our budget down but also shows off what the area is like."

The film stars Oswestry's Harry Davies and is a certificate 15.

It had its premiere in Llangollen in November.

Tickets can be booked in advance at www.kinokulture.org.uk or by calling 01691 238167.