THE organiser of a table-top sale at Criftins Parish Hall says the funds will be used towards keeping the allotments maintained.

Lynn Bailey brought together the tables for the allotments, hoping to raise money to continue to keep them open.

She held the sale at the Parish Hall, in Dudleston Heath, as Storm Dennis was making its way into north Shropshire, but she thanked all those who came along.

"It’s all in aid of the allotment committee," she said.

"It’s to give them extra funding for maintenance and to have money for them.

"I’ve got an allotment of my own and I wanted to do something for them.

"It’s very important that they’re saved because at one point they wanted to build houses on them.

"It’s important for young people to be shown the importance of having an allotment, and how to grow the flowers and plants we need for the environment and the bees. You’ve got to look after the bees.

"I just want to thank everyone who braved the storm to come and support us, and to all the volunteers who have helped set us up too."