A CRASH that killed three people in Oswestry occurred when a man was travelling at speed on the wrong side of the road, an inquest has heard.

The incident, which happened on the A5 at West Felton on the evening of October 11, 2019, resulted in the deaths of couple Patricia and John Malcolm Parry, and 24-year-old Lee Edwards.

Both Mr and Mrs Parry, 75 and 73, respectively, were pronounced dead at the scene, after sustaining severe chest injuries.

Mr Edwards was pronounced dead one day after the collision at the Royal Stoke University Hospital after sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury.

There was evidence in the toxicology report that Mr Edwards had consumed alcohol, but was below the legal limit when he was tested.

However, the hearing was told there was a caveat because the test took place some time after the collision.

Mr Edwards was travelling to meet a friend in Shrewsbury.

Data from his mobile phone showed he had received and answered two calls on a handsfree device while driving along the road before the crash, the hearing was told, while numerous witness statements told how they were overtaken by Mr Edwards at a speed which they believed to be more than 100mph.

One witness statement said they were travelling behind Mr and Mrs Parry’s car when they saw Mr Edwards’ car was oncoming on the wrong side of the road before making impact.

John Ellery, coroner for Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, said: “On the evidence I have heard, this was a road traffic collision. The facts appear to speak for themselves.

“The collision occurred when the driver travelled at speed on the wrong side of the road.”