PENSIONERS in Oswestry and beyond who want to have an 'MOT' of their boy are encouraged to head to the Memorial Hall on Thursday.

There are hour-long appointments available at the session, between 9.30am and 1.30pm, which have to be booked in advance, for those who feel they need to be checked out.

The session is being put on by Shropshire RCC’s Wise and Well Team at the Hall, in Festival Square, and Susie Hancock, from the team, is hoping people can head along.

"Are you feeling less steady on your feet?" she said.

"Measure your strength, balance and endurance against 'normal' for your age, and find out how to stay upright and active.

"If you are between 65 and 95, you may be at risk of falling. Our free Functional Fitness MOTs will test your strength and balance, with a variety of tasks to measure your exercise performance.

"Each test comes with a set of 'normal values' for people of different ages, which will show you whether you are doing well compared to your peers, or whether you could benefit from being more active.

"If you would like to become more active but don’t know how to start, our Active Buddy volunteers will be available to accompany you to your chosen form of activity, if you wish."

The Functional Fitness MOT event will be at Oswestry Memorial Hall, SY11 2EG.

Hour-long appointments are available between 9.30 am and 1.30 pm, but please note, appointments must be booked in advance.

Susie added: "Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate 'drop-ins' so to book, please contact Shropshire RCC’s Wise and Well Team on 01743 360641."