AN OSWESTRY-WOMAN who once served at the famously secretive Bletchley Park, has celebrated turning 100 with her family.

Ruby Jones, 100, who was born in Bexhill-on-Sea in Sussex, was joined by family and friends at the Oswestry Visitor and Exhibition Centre, in Church Street, on Wednesday.

Ruby was a former member of the RAF, where she met her husband Stan, but she did not feel her achievement of reaching 100 is down to a special lifestyle.

"I came here in 1947, straight after the war, where I met my husband, Stan, in the air force," she said.

"I'm an ex-Services girl – I've got my demob book here with me. There's no difference in me right now to when I was 99 – I don't feel any different now I've turn 100.

"I do consider myself very fortunate, but I don't think I have anything to do with it. It's not like I have lived a specific great life.

"I do thank the good Lord as he's given me a good life.

"There are so many people here and I am so fortunate to see so many people here to help me celebrate my birthday.

"That's all down to Carol Roberts (from the Exhibition Centre) she's really gone to town to get people here and help me celebrate."

Andy Jones, 65, is Ruby's son and says her work at the famous Bletchley Park only came to light in recent years.

He said: "We only found out about five years ago that she was there.

"She's very vague about her time there and she gets nostalgic about her time in the RAF.

"She used to wave all those young men off on the bombers and not all of them came back.

"Mum met dad at a dance for the RAF in Blackpool. He spent some time in Burma too but he was from Oswestry and they came straight here.

"She still lives at home with my brother."

Squad Leader Kim Leach, who is corporate engagement and relations officer at RAF Shawbury, was on hand to help Ruby celebrate.

She added: "I'm very proud to be a part of Ruby's 100th birthday celebrations.

"Ruby is very proud of her RAF service and everyone at RAF Shawbury wishes her a very happy 100th birthday."