CHILDREN at a pre-school in Llanymynech have raised more than £300 to help firefighters tackling wildfires in Australia.

The money was raised by pupils at Ysgol Carreghofa Owlets Pre-School who took part in a sponsored bike ride on Tuesday.

After the children had a talk about the fires which have ravaged parts of the country, including many regions in New South Wales, they decided a challenge on the bikes would be a fun way to raise some much-needed funds for the serious cause.

Pupils discussed the fires with classmates and setting leaders at the pre-school, and their interest in the topic grew as they learnt more.

Polly Owen, assistant at the pre-school, helped the children research the fires.

“This was something the children came up with all off their own backs,” she said.

“They saw the fires on the news and spoke to their families and friends about it and it went from there.

“They asked us a lot about it at the pre-school and we researched certain things about the animals affected like what koalas and kangaroos eat and how they are different to the traditional pets some of the children have at home.”

Most of the pupils in the class took part in the bike ride, and raised money by taking home sponsorship forms which they asked their relatives and close friends to donate to.

Before the bike ride, £270 had been raised, but by the time the children had finished, the total had exceeded £300.

Polly and the staff at the pre-school were extremely proud of the children, who chose to brave the bad weather to complete their challenge.

“The children did extremely well and persevered through the cold, hail and rain – they had smiles on their faces throughout,” Polly added.

“All of the money raised was through sponsorship forms and their hard work at home, and people have been very generous.

“Considering they are so young, it is really impressive to see them take this on.

“We are so pleased and so proud of them, and they are very proud of themselves for doing what they have done too.

“They keep finding out more about the animals they are helping by raising the money, and they are pleased to be able to help.

“Well done to all of them, it’s a really amazing achievement.”