A DOG trainer who offers puppy training classes in the area is celebrating after reaching the amazing goal of being the most popular puppy trainer in Wales.

Karen Boyce, 56, from Froncysyllte, has been helping families and their pets for 20 years and last week her and her Beastly Thoughts Professional Dog Service (BTPDS) team welcomed 54 pups through the doors for 2020, across eight classes a week.

That volume of classes means she is proving exceptionally popular and thanked all those who use her services.

“I cannot believe how popular we have been so far in 2020," she said.

"It’s really overwhelming that owners across the area are putting so much faith in us! I can remember all their names, just about, but I do have to look at my notes as to which week we are on.

"With eight staggered classes it can get a little confusing.

“Getting a pup is sometimes one of the most important decision a person, couple or family can make.

"I really appreciate that there are owners out there that want to get their pups off to the best start.

“Last year we welcomed 170 puppies onto our Puppy School programme.

"We are already a third of a way to that many in 2020 so far. It’s going to be a brilliant year.”

The Beastly Thoughts Professional Dog Services puppy classes are currently available locally in Chirk, Weston Rhyn and Knockin.

Mum-of-two Karen has a team of eight instructors and runs her weekly classes for puppies plus has clubs, walks, and workshops – all for puppies as part of the Advanced Puppy Path system.

She added: “I have my own pup at the moment, Evie the German Shepherd Dog who I bred, so I know exactly how owners feel.

“It’s all a little daunting, especially as adolescence comes quick in puppies, but with fair, consistent, rewarding training we can all get to our dream dog."

Karen was also winner of the Animal Star Awards Behaviourist of the Year 2019.

If you’d like to find out more about Karen, visit www.beastlythoughts.co.uk or check out www.facebook.com/beastlythoughts or ring direct on 07970 488395.