When it came to writing this up, I felt the belt needed to be loosened once more.

This was a complete shock of a meal and I, for one, welcomed our complete shock of a meal overlords because I wanted a piece of homemade cooking that left me stuffed to the hilt, and my word, that is what I got.

This was a last-minute choice, as it was on the way back from a job (where, coincidentally, I had just had a fine bowl of carrot and coriander soup) and thought, well, let’s give this a go.

I parked up at the pub but entered through what they call ‘the restaurant door’.

Let’s be honest, it felt more like a very well-dressed community hall but it was the early afternoon and the pub may have been limiting where was open. That said, the tables were brilliantly-laid out, the chairs were comfortable and the music, while leaning towards more of a pub feel, had enough classics from the 1980s, 90s and 00s to keep me entertained for an hour.

I was seated quickly with two other diners, arguably older than retiring age, enjoying a good old natter and ordered.

Fancying some light bites and snacks, I thought I would give the early bird menu a try, having briefly studied the main menu which all seemed to come in at a reasonable £7 to £11.

Eventually, I was happy with ordering two courses for £12, albeit from what I felt was a limited menu offering four starters and five mains, including a meat or vegetarian option for lasagne.

I didn’t fancy a starter so opted for a main, plumping for a homemade beef and ale pie, and dessert, which are interchangeable on each day and marked up on the specials board.

Maybe you have all experienced love at first sight – I know I have – but I have never experience it looking at three things on a list.

I don’t have children – I have nephews and nieces and I love them all equally so it’s easy not having to choose. But today, I was asked to choose between my food dessert children of chocolate fudge, sticky toffee pudding and a new ‘child’ in the brood’ – caramel apple crumble.

This was a hard decision. A terribly hard decision. I mean, I would spend a long weekend in Paris with chocolate fudge and I would step in front of a bullet for sticky toffee pudding, but the truth is...well, I’d had both a lot lately and caramel apple crumble is a new one. So I went for that. Oh crikey, I hope I chose wisely.

As it wasn’t particularly busy – it was only just gone 12noon, the food arrived quickly but not so quick that you’re left wondering if there was a ‘ding’ of a microwave involved.

Now, I said I was hoping for a quick bite, or a light bite, and this, dear reader, was nothing of the sort. So that in itself is both positive and negative because if you were a traveller passing through for a quick meal, this wouldn’t be what you had in mind.

But if you were someone who adores eating a big meal of pure joy, then it’s very much for you.

The plate, put simply, was huge and there was very little space left, safe for a completely unnecessary garnish that brought nothing to the table.

There were too many peas – far too many – but they fitted the meal, with well-cooked chips and a beautiful pie with meat that melted in the mouth.

Look, it’s not exactly cordon-bleu, but it’s pub food done to a high standard and was polished off in no time. The food wasn’t heavy, despite being a very well-filled pie and was tasty.

Now, normally a gap in service would be a bit longer, but as I had to be on my way, my dessert was brought out quicker.

Like Indiana Jones picking out a fresh Holy Grail, I chose wisely.

What a pudding – the hot caramel apple was tasty, if a little too easy to eat, but the crumble was crunchy and the more-than-generous for a midday meal.

It was a sensational pudding and I don’t go over the trip about this. I am sure that both my other ‘children’; would have tasted just as good as well.

This was all washed down with a nice Pepsi and didn’t impact on the pocket either.

My two-course meal cost £12, with a choice of a starter-main or main-dessert, though the main menu wouldn’t stretch too far past this, but it is also worth heading to www.thekeys-stmartins.co.uk for a full menu and offers.

I’m off to sleep with a very full belly to dream of that pudding...!