Welcome back to another week of the Oswestry Advertizer Camera Club where we welcome some old friends back but also say hello to one or two new members.

The club has been going strong in the first month of the decade and we ask you to keep going – if you don’t make it in this week, you will be featured in the coming weeks.

So kicking off from left to right we have a robin in a tree courtesy of Mary Morgan, while below is Paul Hanrahan’s shot of...well, we’re not sure, so please do let us know.

David Walker grabbed this shot of a sunset in West Felton and on the opposite page, the sky is equally on fire from Jill Adger’s super shot.

Adeline Evans wonders what ‘ewe’ were looking at while below, Wendy Clough Jones caught this lamb!

Two seagulls are in action from Karen Grady and David Mottram – wonder if it was the same one?

More skies are on fire to finish page 41 from Heather Price and Clare Humphreys – excellent efforts you will agree.

Back on page 40, new member Philip Trafalgar sent us this stunning shot of a church on the sea in Anglesey – welcome to the club!

Then we have Andrew Moz’s garden snowdrops and a peacock from Julie Sheffield.

To finish, it’s a view from Dinas Bran in Llangollen from Janette Hyde!

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