A PRESCHOOL in Welshampton has received an ‘outstanding’ rating from Ofsted following their latest inspection.

Caterpillars Montessori, based at Welshampton CofE Primary School in Stocks Lane was visited by inspector Scott Thomas-White in December 2019, who examined the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development and leadership, and management at the school.

In all of these areas the preschool was rated as outstanding, with Mr Thomas-White paying particular attention to the level of care provided by staff at the school.

This is the second time Caterpillar Montessori has been rated as outstanding, with the preschool also receiving the rating in 2015.

In his report, Mr Thomas-White said: “Children’s levels of engagement are well beyond those typical for their age.

“Teaching is so skilful it helps children to make continual links between knowledge and skills they have gained previously.

“All children achieve the best possible outcomes. This includes those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, and children who the provider receives additional funding for.”

Mr Thomas-White adds that the teaching staff at the school hold themselves to very high standards, for both themselves and the children.

“Leaders have exceptionally high expectations,” added Mr Thomas-White. “This is demonstrated in their challenge to staff to improve qualifications and develop responsibilities.

“Leaders ensure the organisation of the environment provides a highly stimulating learning space for children, often taking into account children’s views of how they enjoy learning.

“All of this is underpinned by a clear vision and highly reflective practice.”

Children at the preschool also show their own high levels of personal responsibility by being courteous of themselves and their environment.

“Children show extremely high levels of respect for adults, other children and the environment,2 added Mr Thomas-White.

“They exude confidence because staff foster this through the settling-in arrangements for children.

“Children have an excellent range of vocabulary to describe their emotions.

“This helps them regulate their own behaviour very well and understand the consequences of their behaviour.”

The report ends with how families of preschool are also catered for by staff.

“Families are put at the heart of this setting and leaders go above and beyond to ensure children can access the setting when their families need it most or when it has the most benefit for children,” said Mr Thomas-White.

“This demonstrates the leader’s excellent integrity.”

Camilla Bruce, co-owner of Caterpillars Montessori alongside Stephen Evanson, said the glowing report would not be possible without the co-operation of the children, staff and parents.

“We are extremely proud of their team and delighted to have achieved two consecutive outstanding Ofsted inspections,” said Ms Bruce.

“This accolade was only achievable with the full cooperation with our wonderful parents and the amazing children that we are privileged to inspire and nurture within the Montessori philosophy.

“Our continued success will also include considerable growth for us as a Montessori setting through the proposal of a bespoke new building and the addition of new and inspirational Montessori trained staff along with our promise never too lose our intimate and family orientated environment.”