Oswestry Town Council’s award-winning CCTV network is set to be strengthened after work by Oswestry Business Improvement District (BID).

The expansion, both in-filling gaps in the town centre and extending onto the industrial estates, has been made possible through BID working closely with Oswestry Town Council, the CCTV co-ordinator, West Mercia Police and the Police Crime Commissioner (PCC), John Campion, to secure £22,000 in match funding for the project.

Adele Nightingale, from BID, says the cameras are in place to protect businesses in the town and will also now be mobile.

"The new cameras in town are designed to protect businesses and the general public by filling in significant blind spots," she said.

"Extending into the industrial estates with cameras featuring number-plate recognition will provide a new level of security.

"The cameras, to be in place by March this year, will be strategically placed at entrances to the estates providing police with vital evidence should business premises be targeted.

"We have also upgraded the infrastructure at Oswestry Police Station to accommodate the additional cameras and purchased two deployable units to monitor any particular ‘hot spots’."

Oswestry mayor, Councillor John Price praised the co-operative work that BID and the town council have carried out.

He said: "We are pleased that the BID have succeeded in obtaining match funding from the PCC to extend the existing award-winning CCTV system in Oswestry.

"The inclusion of monitoring on the industrial estate in particular is a welcomed addition.

"The BID are investing in projects and improvements which will directly benefit local businesses, this is investment which would otherwise not come forward.

"We at Oswestry Town Council are very proud of the CCTV system – it’s a great example of how things can be achieved by working together.”

Mr Campion added: “I’m pleased to be working with partners to improve the CCTV system in Oswestry.

"Utilising technology like this can help reduce crimes such as drugs and violence, and ultimately make communities feel safer.”

If you are interested in becoming a CCTV volunteer, are of good character and have basic computer skills please email oswestrycctv@btconnect.com for more information.