A TALENTED cricketer at Moreton Hall school in Weston Rhyn has batted off competition to earn herself a place on a well-respected development programme.

Olivia Gough, who has played for Worcestershire County Cricket Club, has been selected as part of the Emerging Player Programme (EPP).

The programme is focused on the development of young, talented cricketers and aims at helping them to progress from age group teams at county level to first class county cricket academies.

It helps to further develop players like Olivia, allowing them to reach their potential within the sport.

The coaching will focus on all aspects of the game to bring out the best in players in all positions.

Olivia, who has now been selected for the under-17 Shropshire Cricket squad, said she felt proud to have been selected for the programme.

She said: “This is now my third year in the Shropshire Cricket Squad and previously I played at Worcestershire County Cricket Club for three years. I am a wicketkeeper and opening batter.

“In addition to being selected for the U17 Shropshire Cricket Squad, I was selected for the EPP – an intensive coaching programme, along with strength and conditioning, for players that show enough talent and promise to take cricket to the next level in senior sport.

“I was very proud when I got selected for the EPP which will give me the opportunity to undertake the intensive coaching programme that this offers.

“This will help me improve my skills which will, in turn, help me to become more successful in having a good season – both with the bat and behind the wicket.”

After seeing Olivia’s development during her time at the school, the staff are proud to have seen her selected for a place on the programme.

Director of sport, Alison McDonald, said: “We are delighted and extremely proud of Olivia’s success.

“She is a most able cricketer and the EPP will enable her to improve even further.”