Sixty minutes, one man and the theory of evolution – Tangram Theatre bring their highly entertaining portrayal of Charles Darwin, arguably the world’s most famous naturalist, to Shropshire venues this February.

First launched at the Edinburgh Fringe, The Origin of Species is an internationally acclaimed show that tells the remarkable story of how Charles Darwin discovered the secrets of evolution.

Packed with big ideas, terrible puns, brilliant physical comedy and cracking original songs.

We meet Darwin as he discovers that his colleague, Alfred Russel Wallace, has also stumbled upon a theory of evolution, pushing Darwin to get his published first.

The show takes us back through Darwin’s life and traces his ground breaking journey on The Beagle, using song, audience interaction and a flurry of facts (especially about barnacles!).

Throughout this solo performance, audiences are introduced to a range of characters, all wonderfully performed and incredibly funny.

In every aspect, The Origin of Species is an irresistible, witty and down to earth production that enthusiastically offers a glimpse at the local historical figure that shaped the way humans look at the world.

Tickets cost £12 adults, £5 concessions and are available from Wem Town Hall by calling 01939 232299 or visiting