Oscar-winning Helen Mirren tells the story of Anne Frank’s life through the pages of her world-famous diary.

A story that has made the tragedy of the Holocaust known to readers all over the world.

What would Anne’s life have been like had she survived? What would have happened to the hopes and dreams she wrote about in her diaries? What could she have told us about persecution about concentration camps? How would she have interpreted the reality of today, the rekindling of antisemitism and new racism?

This emotive telling is entwined with the stories of five Holocaust survivors (Arianna Szorenyi, Sarah Lichtsztejn-Montard, Helga Weiss and sister Andra, and Tatiana Bucci) who shared Anne’s same fate of deportation but were fortunately able to go on and live the life that Anne was denied.

An evocative documentary which brings Anne’s tragic, very incredible, story to life and explores why this story has become such a historic journal that holds such great relevance today.

The screening will begin at 7pm on Tuesday, February 4 and will last for one hour and 35 minutes.

Tickets cost £14.50 and the certificate has been updated to 12A as of January 13, 2020 due to containing Holocaust images.

For more information visit www.theatresevern.co.uk