Plans to reduce trees in Ellesmere to 'monoliths' have been submitted to Shropshire Council.

The old horse chestnuts, in Penley Woods, Cremorne Gardens near the edge of the Mere, will have their branches removed with the trees reduced to their main stem.

The application, from the Council's own outdoor recreation centre, is from Shaun Burkey.

The application states: "The old horse chestnuts planted through Penley Woods as a formal avenue are slowly being removed as they become unstable.

"This application is to work on another of these trees which recently experienced the failure of another large bough, adding to the trees scarred condition.

"We wish to monolith this tree to six metres.

"This will then form a row of five monolithed trees and give enough light to enable replanting this winter."

The application was submitted to Shropshire Council on Friday, with a decision expected soon from officers.