A chance meeting between an Oswestry School pupil and a resident of a local care home has led to a new year friendship.

Lena Capla, a 4th Form pupil, chose to take part in a school initiative called Community Action which involves pupils in projects around Oswestry from clearing canals to picking up litter and visiting care home residents.

On one visit to Ashwood, an independent living complex, in Upper Ash Road, Lena met Ruth.

Ruth is a Jewish German who left Germany at the age of 13 at the start of the Second World War.

On Lena’s first visit Ruth showed her a picture of her family which was taken just before she and her brother were evacuated to England. Their plan was to meet in America 12 months later, but sadly her parents were deported to Minsk and Ruth believes they were killed there. Ruth was sent to a different area of England than her brother and was brought up by a foster family.

Ruth was thrilled to discover that not only was Lena German, but she also lives in Hamburg, the city where Ruth spent her childhood. They spent many hours chatting together in German.

During the Christmas holidays, Lena returned to Hamburg. While there she tracked down Ruth’s childhood home, where she grew up, and took photographs.

Visiting Ashwood last week Lena showed the photographs to Ruth who was delighted to see them.

Ruth said Lena is, “an angel sent by God”.