ELLESMERE Town Council have objected to the proposed development of 99 houses on land near to Canal Way over transport link concerns.

As well as the homes, the application is for roadways, flood compensation and landscaping.

The current application forms a revised and updated version of a similar planning application from 2016.

But Ellesmere Town Council has noted that despite the application being update, it does not address previous complaints regarding access.

The main worry from the town council is that the application "does not provide for the construction of a link road from Oswestry Road".

In an objection letter on the planning application, a spokesman for the town council said: "The council supported the outline application for the then 'Marina development' on the basis that a link road from Oswestry Road would be constructed at the first stage of the development.

"On the basis of the current application, all construction traffic to and from the site, and all vehicle movements once the development is completed, will be along Canal Way and through the town.

"This will create unacceptable levels of additional traffic through a residential area, with potential impact on residential amenity and pedestrian safety - particularly during the construction phase.

"All vehicles accessing the site will have to use the Scotland Street/Canal Way junction, which already suffers from congestion and a narrow pinch point.

"The increased numbers of HGVs using this junction during the construction period will have an adverse impact on highway safety.

"The council does not believe that the applicant's forecast of the additional vehicle movements that the development will generate is realistic, and under-estimates the impact on the existing highway network and infrastructure."

The town council also has concerns over flooding in the area, a sentiment shared by the Canal and River Trust.

In an open letter to Shrewsbury Council, Laura White, area planner for the Canal and River Trust said her organisation needed more information on flood control from developers before commenting on the consultation.

"It is not clear from the submitted details whether the flood compensation area is to be excavated, bunded or otherwise altered in order to achieve the desired outcome," she said.

"As the flood details are required at reserved matters stage we request that additional details, including cross-section drawings should be provided as part of the flood risk assessment and layout plans.

"There are no details of how the canal, and its users, will be protected from dust and noise during construction.

"I should advise that response may be one of objection due to insufficient information."