There was something to read, or maybe nothing to read, in Oswestry town centre on Saturday as Extinction Rebellion staged a sit-down protest about climate change.

Members from the Oswestry branch of the climate-change group sat on chairs where Bailey Street meets Cross Street while handing out leaflets about the current state of the world's weather crisis.

Cathy Allen, from Extinction Rebellion, says the protest was to designed to reflect their view that the mainstream media is not reporting the true nature of the potential climate catastrophe.

She said: "On Saturday, local people from the Extinction Rebellion movement brought a novel action to the town centre.

"They were sitting down, reading newspapers with titles like ‘blah, blah, blah…’ and ironic headings like ‘believe the politicians, not the scientists!'.

"They drew attention to the colossal gap between the reality of climate catastrophe and the lack of urgency about it in national newspapers."

Hannah Lil, from Oswestry, added: "Our inspiration was David Attenborough who this week stated that 'the moment of crisis has come – we can no longer prevaricate'.

"In the background, the picture of the recent raging fires in Australia reminded passers-by of places that are already experiencing climate-related emergencies."

Cathy added: "Today we listened to a lot of people express their worries about the changing climate.

"The media has a huge responsibility to inform people truthfully."

The protest came after Mr Attenborough's groundbreaking interview with the BBC on Wednesday, January 15 where he also said that the climate change crisis needed an urgent solution, not just a debate and a compromise.

On Thursday, January 30, the group will be holding a talk at Ellesmere Town Hall from 7-9pm.

The group also meets at The Golden Lion, in Upper Church Street, on any first Tuesday of the month at 7pm for introductory meetings about the group, or meet at The Fox, in Church Street, on a Monday for 6.30pm or on Wednesdays from 7pm, again at the Golden Lion, for weekly meetings.

To discover more about the local Extinction Rebellion movement, head to