Oswestry's mayor believes the town council's budget for the forthcoming year will benefit young people in the area.

At Monday's Finance Committee meeting, councillors agreed the budget for 2020/21, including £35,000 for youth services, which is a 'significant' move, and a priority for councillors.

Councillor John Price believes the small increase in council tax, at two per cent, will help the town spend the money it needs to.

Cllr Price said: “We have approved an ambitious and robust budget for 2020/21 which sees only a small increase in our element of the council tax.

"I am personally pleased that this council has recognised the importance of supporting our young people and we will be putting in plans to commission services.

"The budget sets out the scale of what this town council does – which is far beyond what most town and parish councils do, and is a significant contribution to the life of the town.”

The budget saw an increase in council tax on band D properties by £1.53 per year (two per cent) – the Oswestry Town Council element of the bill is £78.07 per year.

The council confirmed there will be no increase in car parking charges; an increase in general fees and charges by three per cent; that there will be a 'significant' budget for events, and a grants and donations budget of £20,000.

A council spokesman added: "Please note while the Oswestry Town Council part of the council tax will increase by two per cent, this is a very small part of your council tax bill and it is likely that a residents’ overall bill will increase by more.

"In 2019/20, the band D council tax levied on a property in Oswestry stood at £1,781.68 – Oswestry Town Council's part was £76.54."