Viewers around Oswestry were finally treated to a behind-the-scenes look at a farm in Treflach this week.

Treflach Farm featured in a new television series, Born Muddy: Life on the Farm, on Quest, last Tuesday.

Farm manager Ian Steele, who took over the family-run farm in 2006, gave an insight on how the farm functions and the problems it faces.

The program compares three British farmers who try to run three very different farms and the problems they are facing.

Ian, a Welsh border farmer, explained how his machinery is from a different era and are more like antiques due to new machines costing so much whereas another farmer on the show is investing in new machinery.

Throughout the show Ian showed how he is being sustainable and raising his own pigs to use to create his own pork pies for his onsite bakery and farm shop.

Viewers saw the struggle for the other two farms who are trying to save their crops from pests and hungry pigeons.

The program shows how the farmers plans don’t always go to plan and that they need to always be thinking of plan B.

Mr Steele explained in the show how he wants to leave his farm in better condition than he found it for the next generation and to do that its about being sustainable.