A new home may be on the cards for the swans at Whittington Castle.

Officials from the castle have met with Heritage England who have said in principle an island can be created on the moat.

It comes after eggs laid by the swans were damaged after they made a nest close to the road.

Writing in the Whittington magazine, The Ripple, Sue Ellis, castle manager, said: “We have met with Heritage England who have said in principle they will give us permission to erect an island in the moat. We are currently seeking quotes and getting the permission granted to erect a small island in the moat for the swans to use as a nest place. This will also involve some clearance of reeds around the edge of the moat to discourage nesting their usual spot. This it is hoped will protect further nests and eggs from damage.”

Sue also revealed plans for a webcam to monitor the nest, adding: “”We hope to include a webcam in order to monitor the nest.

“Money raised by the public earlier this year has been set aside for this project and it is hoped it will cover the cost otherwise another appeal will take place.

“It was decided that CCTV would not really protect the nest and eggs and would be better spent on an island space for the adult swans to take off and land on the moat and to teach the cygnets.

“The Wildlife Trust is helping us with this project with advice on the best way to create the best island we can.”