Name: Wendy Hughes

Business: Flower Gallery, Bailey Street, but moving on Saturday, February 1, to Park Avenue Stores

Opening Hours: Open Monday to Saturday from 9am until 5pm

When did you open and why?

I took over in April 2008 so I’ve owned the business for almost 12 years now.

I took over the business because I was a Saturday girl selling flowers outside the shop on a market stall and I often looked in and watched the florist making flowers up. I thought that was a nice job to do and was quite envious.

Anyway, a few years later a florist left, and I was offered a full-time job which I accepted.

I decided on my day off, while I was working there, I would spend it training to be a florist.

Why in this location?

The business was already established.

I am local to Oswestry and because I am from Oswestry it made sense to carry on here and to build up the business.

We are moving premises soon to Park Avenue, opposite the fire station. This is from February 1.

We are going to be doing the same thing but specialise a bit more in plants, shrubs and trees as well as doing funerals, weddings and occasions in fresh flowers.

Tell us about your business?

We are a florists and we create different floral arrangements for different occasions such as, wedding, funerals and celebrations.

We provide fresh cut flowers, wholesale and plants as well.

We use lots of different materials, flowers, plants and artificial and can put things together as per what is requested.

What is your proudest moment in business?

I think the proudest moment is owning a business as I think that is an achievement these days, and taking it over and really being self-employed which I think in itself is really tough going.

Making a success of the business, owning it, carrying it on and building it up is something I’m really proud of and we have now got a good establishment.

I have really good staff, Maxine, who is a florist she’s actually become my mother-in-law.

I met my partner Richard through Maxine and he’s part of the team now too.

I also have a daughter who is eight years old and a little boy on the way.

I am really proud that I met my family through this and that we are a family-run business now who support each other.

Any strange requests?

We have had some challenging requests in the past, with funeral flowers but one that stands out is when we had to do a bridal bouquet out of cabbages.

It was quite smelly and unusual but we are challenged a lot in this business and we create what people request which is lovely for them and for us.