ELLESMERE Town council will set aside funds to purchase three new CCTV cameras for the town.

The council currently have the maintenance contract for the CCTV up for tender and at the full council meeting, held on Monday, January 6, councillors heard how PC Paul Crump from West Mercia Police asked if the town council would consider installing three new cameras in the town including; Church Street, by the market and near Tesco.

Clerk of Ellesmere Town Council, Jo Butterworth said the town council had been proactive but it would have to go out to tender, with the price being around £15,000.

She added that 50 per cent match funding was available from the police.

Councillor Geoff Elner said the move was a good idea.

"There’s no doubt you need more cameras," he said.

“Why don’t we agree to earmark some money and then agree to action that in April we go to tender.”

It was agreed an action plan would be made, and that the money would be earmarked in reserve.