A CHIRK woman who is competing to become Miss Wales has thanked people who have donated children’s books to her as part of her charity work.

Lauren Parkinson is heading to Thailand in February to help teach English to underprivileged and orphaned children, and has appealed for donations of children’s books and school supplies ahead of her trip.

So far, more than 20 books have been donated along with a lot of essential school equipment.

Lauren is now hoping to book another suitcase onto her flight to accommodate the donated items.

She was keen to thank those who have already donated.

“I am very grateful to everyone that has donated to help with the charity work so far.

“Thank you to everyone involved – after hearing that a lot of children in Thailand are abandoned due to illness, it honestly breaks my heart.

“The orphanage has to fund itself so any way I can help I will.

“They have to raise money and supplies themselves, and I know how rich of a country we are.

“After Christmas, a lot of people are throwing away unwanted books – they should go to a good cause instead.”

Lauren heads to Thailand next month, before she prepares to compete at the Miss Wales finals in April.