Name: Randolph Scott

Business: Scotty’s Coffee Shop, Cross Street, Oswestry

Opening Hours: 8.30am-3pm Monday to Saturday, closed Sunday

When did you open and why?

I FIRST opened up in 2012, about seven years ago, in Marketgate, which was tucked away down the alleyway from Salop Road into Leg Street.

Before then, I was a contract cleaning manager and when I came to 60, they gave me a phone call and told me to go down to the office. I thought I was going to get a watch, but they didn’t – they gave me my P45.

I took early retirement but after six months, I was going around the bend. There’s only so much you can do around the house.

One day I was walking down the alleyway and I saw the empty premises and I thought, that would make a good café.

I can cook, the basics at least, so I thought I’d open up and give it 12 months. After that was up, it was going OK and I carried on before the church bought the whole property and we had to get out.

Why did you open in this location?

I HAD to get out of the old place after six years but we’ve just been a year here in the High Street.

We opened up at the beginning of December in 2018 but it’s been hard work because it was about 16 weeks between us closing that one and this one opened up as it needed a lot of work on it.

But it’s been all right. During those four months, a lot of the customers went elsewhere – which I don’t blame them – but they’re starting to come back and we’re starting to get some new footfall too because we’re on the High Street too.

It doesn’t jump out as a location like the others do but we get the passing trade, though I did expect 10 to 15 per cent increase in footfall.

I’ve not had too much financial help to freshen the place up, but the landlord has been good and repaired and damp-proofed the back.

Tell us about your business?

Our main offer is the breakfasts – people tell me it’s the best breakfast in town, value for money-wise.

It’s £5 for a big breakfast before 11am and that’s a good deal. It’s no frills, but I’m not a greasy spoon. I hate those places where there’s no tablecloth and your elbow sticks to the table.

I’m proud of what I offer; we don’t have any problems generally but I would be lying if I said I didn’t get complaints but it’s mainly to say I give them too much but I’d rather them go out full.

What’s your most memorable/proudest moment in business?

Mostly, when we get positive Trip Advisor or Google feedback which happens three or four times a week. It’s really helped.

For example, three weeks ago we had Aberdare Rugby Club ring up and order 41 breakfasts for when they were passing through, because they saw me online and the good reviews. That’s brilliant.

Any strange requests?

People do like that they can get chips and eggs at 8.30am. They don’t have to wait for the chippy to open until later in the day.