CAN you beat the clock and escape in time?

A Pirate adventure game has been launched in Llanfyllin.

That’s the challenge being set by Roomination Escape Games in Llanfyllin – a timed escape room game where teams of up to six people work together to find clues and solve puzzles.

Similar to the TV show ‘The Crystal Maze’, problem-solving skills are required to crack a series of mental challenges that the whole family can play and enjoy.

Roomination’s first game, ‘Escape from the Cursed Galleon’, is set aboard a pirate ship and begins with teams being locked in one of the ship’s cells. They must then work together to solve a trail of puzzles within 60 minutes to escape, along with the loot!

The range of puzzles vary in difficulty to keep both adults and children entertained throughout. Hints can also be given to the team if they get stuck at any point.

The game was designed and built by Jonathan Rich from Welshpool, with help from friends and family.

Jonathan said: “This has been a really enjoyable project to work on.

“It’s been a long and gruelling task to build the room and test the puzzles, but now the game is up and running all the effort has really been worth it.”

‘Escape room’ games have grown in popularity over the last few years, with over 1,500 rooms in the UK alone. There is even an escape room championship that hosts teams from all over the world.

Roomination is located in the historic Llanfyllin Workhouse and since opening has already welcomed a diverse range of participants from local families, friends and social groups, to staff outings for team-building exercises.

Jonathan said: “We’ve even attracted escape room enthusiasts from all over the country, from Dumfries to Brighton!

“There’s also lots to see and do at The Workhouse, including a history tour and a museum.

“We’re lucky that when people come to play our room, they also have the opportunity to investigate The Workhouse, explore the surrounding area and turn their visit into a day, or even a weekend trip.”

Roomination has already received many positive reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook & Google.

One reviewer said: “I’ve done a lot of escape rooms and this, I'm delighted to say, is one of the finest I've experienced!”

Another said: “Would definitely recommend a visit, and the surrounding area is lovely so worth carving some time out.”

Reckon you can beat the clock and escape the Cursed Galleon in 60 minutes? Book your place on Roomination’s website at