Oswestry Town Council is set to offer £35,000 of funding for youth services in the town.

The move comes after funding for youth provision from Shropshire Council was withdrawn.

At Monday night’s Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting, councillors voted in favour of providing twice as much funding for youth provision than was previously provided by Shropshire Council.

The council said it will be providing the funding without raising the council tax any more than it would have initially been raised.

Oswestry mayor, Councillor John Price, said he believes the services are vital to young people in Oswestry.

“This is a very important contribution by the town council to the young people of Oswestry going forward,” he said.

“It gives the young people in town something to do and somewhere to go.

“Without the town council stepping in and offering this money, the services would be lost.”

Councillor Jay Moore has been an avid supporter of youth services in the town, and said he was pleased with the sum of money which is set to be provided.

“Personally I think it’s fantastic,” he said. “Youth provision is one of the main reasons behind me trying to get elected.

“£35,000 goes such a long way towards providing youth services– we haven’t had that kind of support for youth services in quite a long time.

“It will do some fantastic things.”

His thoughts were echoed by Councillor Mike Isherwood, who said he feels it is about time young people had some money spent on helping them.

“I would also like to thank the clerk and the finance officer for the work they’ve put into this.

“I think it’s a really important investment that we make in our young people.

“I think they’ve been short-changed for a number of years now because of spending cuts, so I think this is something we really should do.”