IT WILL be a Christmas to remember for Ellesmere residents after some of them have scooped a share of £3 million.

The People’s Postcode Lottery announced last week that an Ellesmere postcode had been selected to win the Postcode Millions prize.

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Each player of the lottery in the sector SY12 0 – almost 450 residents – found out that they would be sharing the £3m but the full winning postcode was kept hush until a later date.

Eight lucky residents living in the full winning postcode of SY12 0BN, were told on Saturday that they had scooped a massive share of £187,418 each.

First up to receive their cheque was Joe Smith, an electrician, who was surrounded by his friends and family.

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His nan, cousin Alec, and cousin’s mother-in-law were also winners, each picking up £3,206.

Before finding out how much they’d both won, Joe and Alec made a deal that if one of them won big, they would give the other 20 per cent – meaning Alec’s £3,000 win has significantly increased to £37,000.

Joe was speechless when he saw the full amount he would be taking home.

He said: “It’s surreal. I’ve no idea what I’ll do with the money.

"There will be a big party tonight though, it will probably still be going on tomorrow!”

Liam Bailey, a saw doctor, was another big winner who’s family and friends were there to watch the big cheque reveal – erupting in cheers when he was presented with his winnings.

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Liam, who was overcome with emotion, said: “It’s just out of this world. It’s a crazy amount of money.

"My daughter turns four next year so I can put money away for her.

"I can finally buy a house too, I never thought I’d come into money like this!”

And Donna Dean, a chef from Ellesmere, was brought to tears when her cheque was revealed.

Mum to Abbie and Rhys, she explained the impact the win would have on all their lives.


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“This money is life changing for us," said Donna.

"It’ll make everything so much easier and make a huge difference.

“I work a lot so being able to work a little less would be nice and also being able to give my children the best Christmas ever is really special.”

Donna has been playing People’s Postcode Lottery for over a year now and described her win as being even more exciting because she has won with her neighbours.

“It’s great that I have won but I have loved winning with my friends and other members of the community," she added. "I really just can’t explain to you how emotional, shocked and excited I feel right now.”

Next up getting a knock on his door was David Evans, a retired lorry driver who was hoping to give his garden a complete makeover with his winnings.

“I was hoping we’d win a few thousand pounds so I could get a new garden fence," added David. "But I’m now able to completely revamp the garden.”

David was joined by his wife Angela, daughter Sharon and other daughter Helen via Facetime.

The grandfather of nine explained that the money has come at a great time for him and his family.

"With Christmas just around the corner it’ll make a big difference to us all, I’ll be making sure we’ve got a really big turkey this year," he said.

Another winner, Lynn Evans, was joined by her mother and aunt on her doorstep when the People’s Postcode Lottery team turned up.

Lynn said she had signed up to play because of all the charities it supports and she thinks that the win will have an incredible impact on the whole community.

Chris Birch and his partner Hayley were with their two young sons, Ollie, 3, and Leon, 7, when they found out they’d won the massive amount.

Chris, a part-time firefighter, said: “Wow! I’m shocked, I don’t know what to say.

"We’ve not long moved into this house so we can spend it on doing it up, and spoil the kids of course.

"We’ve always wanted to take them Disneyworld in Florida and now we can! It will be a once in a lifetime trip.”

And Hayley added: “I feel like I’m in a dream.”

Richard Thomas had only signed up to play this year because he heard a few of his neighbours were playing and he did not want to miss out if his postcode was drawn as a winner.

He is now going to use his winnings to buy his council house.

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There was an eighth lucky winner of £187,418 on the day who chose to remain anonymous.

The remaining 443 residents received cheques ranging from £3,206 to £9,618.

Danyl Johnson was one of the People’s Postcode Lottery ambassadors knocking on doors and handing out cheques. He said: “It’s been a great day here in Ellesmere and myself and Matt have absolutely loved meeting the winners.

"Handing out cheques at any time of year is always really exciting but doing it on the run up to Christmas makes it even more special.”

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With a minimum of 32 per cent of every ticket going to charity, players have raised over £486m for thousands of charities and good causes to date.

This Postcode Millions draw was held on behalf of Postcode Equality Trust, which funds charities and good causes that are working for a fairer world by addressing inequality in society through improvements in health, human rights, education and community development.

Local good causes have benefitted from player support too.

Earlier this year, Horatio’s Garden at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH) received funding from players through the Postcode Local Trust.

The funding was used to fund the role of the new horticultural therapist who runs the charity’s gentle garden therapy, offering weekly physical and mental support to patients and their families.